BlockID enables authentication of decentralized verified digital identities on the blockchain using face, voice & fingerprint based biometrics.

BlockID Product Details

BlockID provides secure exchange of users identity data with multiple different services including website, government entity, financial institution or employer via the BlockID app. One of the main functions of the app, is to act as a secure digital identity vault that safely and secure manages user data.

Identity is your RIGHT not a privilege.


Entire transaction captured on the blockchain and can never be altered or modified providing validity and security.


Credentials check, authorization that took days / months can be eliminated. Blockchain is leveraged to execute transactions in seconds.


Not only user controls what data is provided but they also stand to benefit from how their data is used. If they opt their id to be shared, they stand to monetize from it.

BlockID Core Features


Ensuring compliance with KYC/AML is essential for organizations and non-compliance can lead to and steep fines. BlockID secures your data by ensuring authenticity of a user through verification processes and further scrutinizing them against Global Criminal Lists, Sanction Lists and Government Databases to ensure all required checks and verifications are in place.


Preventing fraud is extremely difficult today with user id being proliferated across multiple different services and databases. The cost of managing a data breach or fraud is high and can cause organization failures overnight. 1Kosmos BlockID provides step by step verifications and user id level of assurance to prevent fraudulent activity and mitigation of involved risks.


Whether its a Bank or e-Commerce platform, the principal goal is to on-board customers seamlessly and retain those who are on-board. KYC/AML compliance is an additional burden on part of customer to acquire your service. BlockID's uncomplicated and effortless flow of verification process has been specifically designed to ensure best User Experience.


Identity theft and credential discrepancies cause major disadvantages for companies services or products involve online registration of customers. The BlockID platform engages state of the art technology which has omnichannel support that provides automated system of verification, that can provide a single access point to your Trusted Digital Identity safey.

BlockID Biometric Security

BlockID's cognitive AI based biometric facial recognition provides highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition. Our software is based on the same proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology that is continually learning from new data thus increasing the accuracy over time.
Our Cognitive AI based voice recognition has the most advanced algorithms for voice verification & identification. Voice has unique characteristics that is used to identify a person, just like a fingerprint. Using voice as a signal for access control and authentication we offer a level up in security.
BlockID's sophisticated fingerprint detection technology comprises of features like encryption, match-in-sensor architecture, anti-spoof technology, and more. Our capacitive touch & gesture sensors provide speed, accuracy and versatility in fingerprint authentication.

BlockID Usage Advantages

Usage of biometrics completely eliminates the need for userid's & passwords and provides the highest standards of security and customer convenience. BlockID removes the dependency on userid's & passwords as users' unique physiological and behavioral characteristics become the authenticator. Say goodbye to the traditional password reset requests or password policies and complexity.

  • Biometric Authentication

    Passwordless User Experience

    Enable frictionless biometric authentication providing secure authorization in a simple method from web, mobile and desktop apps -- flexibility allowing any application to incorporate biometric authentication.

  • Know Your Customer

    Identity Assurance Level (IAL : 1,2,3,4)

    BlockID enables users to bring online their real-world government issued identity documents (such as driver’s license or passport), and use them to easily and securely verify their identity to any app or service provider.

  • Multi Factor Authentication

    Authentication Assurance Levels (AAL : 1,2,3)

    BlockID enables the use of multi factor authentication using biometrics, thus enabling providers to leverage vectors of trust and secure transactions with very high authentication assurance levels.

  • Transaction Authorization

    Fraud & Risk Management.

    BlockID enables services to request a real-time cryptographically secured user approval using the user's BlockID credentials and associated biometric based consent & approval of the transactions thereby preventing fraud and eliminating risk.

  • Payment Processing

    Credit Card Payment Broker

    BlockID can empower users to take a more human approach to interacting services while at the same time providing uncompromised security to their data, transactions and payment information.

  • Transcript Attestation

    Digital Document Signatures.

    BlockID platform enables a quick and secure digital verification process, and a resulting digital identity based on various credentials such as degrees, transcripts, licenses, and employment histories among others.

1Kosmos BlockID

The BlockChain Identity EcoSystem is based on the Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry (ADEPT) system & also levereges the the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) chain. This provides a truly distributed peer-to-peer network with Smart-Contracts distributed across multiple blockchains.

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