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The 1Kosmos IDentifier

September 2019

The End (of the Password) is Near

By 1Kosmos Editor

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Guess who likes passwords and (their equally troublesome siblings) usernames? No one. Not the users that need them to access corporate resources. Not the IT staff assigned the thankless task of shepherding them. Not the executives aware of the productivity blight lost passwords cost their organizations.

Consider this: The average cost per password reset request ranges from $15 to $25. An organization of 10,000 users can have 20,000 password resets annually wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in skilled IT labor.

Add to that associated lost productivity (one estimate sets at $420 per year per employee) and you have a powerfully compelling argument for banishing usernames and passwords.

About the only people that like passwords are the criminals that exploit them.

But what if (you might want to take a seat before reading further) we told you that you could gift your enterprise with easier, more secure network and data access free from the bane of passwords? We think William Wallace said it best: “FREEDOM!”

BlockID Enterprise by 1Kosmos brings the power of blockchain to identity and access management. As hard as it might be to imagine a solution that is easier to use, more secure and less expensive to manage, that is exactly what BlockID Enterprise delivers.

The point is that Block ID Enterprise is superior to traditional username and password-based systems in every way.

The only thing holding enterprises back from jettisoning their much-loathed passwords for blockchain-based authentication systems is 1) lack of understanding about blockchain and 2) a trusted partner to help design and implement a tailored solution.

The new 1Kosmos IDentifier is our way of helping you clear the first obstacle and 1Kosmos is here to help you clear the second.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information we have contained in this first issue and for allowing 1Kosmos to help you scale the blockchain learning curve.

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