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The Last Link

September 2019 by 1Kosmos Editor
Chain links

[You are familiar with that drawer in the kitchen into which is placed miscellaneous items that do not functionally or philosophically harmonize with the categories assigned to the rest of the drawers. You might find keys, crayons, Post-It note pads or band-aids in this drawer. This is what the Last Link section is in the IDentifier newsletter. We hope you will enjoy our thoughts, musings and pontifications – enjoy!]

What could be better than banishing passwords from your enterprise? With BlockID Enterprise, quite a few things. A feature 1Kosmos clients especially appreciate is the ability to decentralize the responsibility to manage the BlockID system.

If you steward IT security for multiple locations (possibly in different regions and time zones), you are familiar with the challenge of establishing and maintaining protocols and rights across locations. Allow us to relieve you of that burden. With 1Kosmos’s BlockID Enterprise, you can delegate administrative privileges to trusted users at each of your locations.

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