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BlockID in Action: Financial Services

September 2019 by 1Kosmos Editor
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Wonder if BlockID Enterprise is right for your organization? Scan these cases to learn how others are putting the power of the blockchain to work for them.

Convenience or Compliance: Pick Two

Financial services companies play ball in a minefield of lethal regulatory obstacles. Navigating a way through while providing access to a diverse team of auditors, branch personnel and the help desk staff that serve them was an epic challenge.

1Kosmos partnered with one such organization to jettison their archaic username- and password-based systems in favor of Block ID Enterprise’s biometric-enhanced blockchain solution.

Instead of using passwords for workstation access, users now use the 1Kosmos BlockID mobile app as their login token. Replacing passwords with blockchain-based biometric verification reduced the organization’s operational costs while increasing their security.

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