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The Last Link

October 2019 by 1Kosmos Editor
Chain links

[You are familiar with that drawer in the kitchen into which is placed miscellaneous items that do not functionally or philosophically harmonize with the categories assigned to the rest of the drawers. You might find keys, crayons, Post-It note pads or band-aids in this drawer. This is what the Last Link section is in the IDentifier newsletter. We hope you will enjoy our thoughts, musings and pontifications – enjoy!]

The application of biometrics to security is about as old as the oldest Tom Clancy novel or James Bond film but has been thrust into the spotlight with the 2015 release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and the subsequent 2017 Apple iPhone X. Both systems prominently featured the use of facial recognition for password-less login … and who doesn’t want that!

For those of us focused on enterprise-scale applications, Windows 10 is relevant and compelling given that, according to Microsoft’s estimates, more than 800 million devices run Windows 10 and its biometric login feature called “Windows Hello.” Windows Hello leverages the computer’s built-in camera and microphone (as well as fingerprint scanners available on some models) to use biometric forms of identity verification as a means to replace passwords.

There is no doubt that Windows Hello is an impressive step forward in our efforts to secure our networks while also providing convenient access to the applications and information resident in them. BlockID by 1Kosmos makes this enabling technology even more accessible by taking the device-dependent variability out of the login equation.

Take for example the typical executive user.

They access the corporate network through a variety of devices: The laptop issued by the organization’s IT department, the phone (also issued and managed by IT), their personal phone (not issued by IT), their personal desktop computer at home (shared by family members and most definitely managed by IT) and, to further chap our hides, a constellation of hotel and cafe computers used while on the road.

Each of these devices feature different capabilities and configurations meaning that we cannot depend on the availability of a specific biometric capability. In these situations, BlockID by 1Kosmos serves as a bridge capable of spanning the capabilities and features gulf.

The BlockID mobile app seamlessly interfaces with Windows Hello on one side of the equation while leveraging the universal smartphone capabilities on the other to ensure whatever form of biometric authentication is available is supported.

If your organization is populated by Windows 10 machines and you are ready to leverage the power and convenience of Windows Hello, BlockID by 1Kosmos is the key that unlocks the door to happy users and a more secure network.

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