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BlockID in Action

October 2019 by 1Kosmos Editor
Rod of Asclepius

Wonder if BlockID Enterprise is right for your organization? Acquaint yourself with these cases to learn how others are putting the power of the blockchain to work for them.

Reforming Healthcare IT

Electronic health records are the backbone of the U.S. healthcare industry. State and federal regulations require medical professionals spend a significant percentage of their time recording patient data while threatening severe penalties in the event of unauthorized access to that data.

One healthcare IT provider used 1Kosmos BlockID to deliver an Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substances database login credential that was more secure and easier to use the multiple-step legacy system their clients were using. 1Kosmos deployed its BlockID Consumer product throughout all of the provider’s clients making it easier for doctors to prescribe life-saving pharmaceuticals and freeing up more time for direct patient care.

Fun fact: Nearly three-quarters of the physicians in the provider’s client network adopted the 1Kosmos BlockID mobile app on day one.

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