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BlockID in Action

November 2019 by 1Kosmos Editor
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The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that, “governments … derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Trust is the necessary prerequisite of consent. The Declaration’s signatories had lost trust in the British government and withdrew their consent. The lesson is governments cannot take the trust of the governed for granted.

That is why when one of the most populous states in the Union decided it was time to improve the security of their information networks, they chose BlockID by One Kosmos.

The State government’s 100,000 employees serve one of the largest state populations in the Union. The government and its dozens of department’s are entrusted with securing terabytes of sensitive information and then sharing it with employees and contractors.

Obstacles to sharing information with the employees who need it to render service cause delays and dissatisfaction. But sharing resident and business data also exposes that data to fraudulent use and identify theft. Both outcomes reduce trust and weaken consent.

As it considered what it needed in an improved network access solution, the State defined two primary requirements: 1) it had to improve on its legacy token-based VPN access system and 2) it had to comply with ADA accessibility guidelines.

After an exhaustive search, the State chose a system that featured BlockID by One Kosmos. BlockID provided the State with a range of authentication factors from which employees could  choose when authenticating themselves with the network using their smartphones. And because BlockID puts users (employees in this case) in charge of their login credentials, user satisfaction increased while the demand on IT resources related to network access support decreased.

Increased security, increased satisfaction, decreased complexity, decreased support requirements and accessibility compliance in one fell swoop. Who knew blockchain-powered IAM would one day power Information Age democracy? We did … and, now, so do you.

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