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The Last Link

January 2020 by 1Kosmos Editor
Chain links

[You are familiar with that drawer in the kitchen into which is placed miscellaneous items that do not functionally or philosophically harmonize with the categories assigned to the rest of the drawers. You might find keys, crayons, Post-It note pads or band-aids in this drawer. This is what the Last Link section is in the IDentifier newsletter. We hope you will enjoy our thoughts, musings and pontifications – enjoy!]

When was the last time you or your team received a message of gratitude for a new security tactic you implemented? “Never” and “not often” are the usual responses. Ours is a thankless job but One Kosmos has developed something that may change that.

The organizational customers we serve sometimes … oftentimes … most of the time … take for granted our efforts to secure our networks AND grant each of them convenient access … priorities that often compete with each other. Balancing these priorities seems a zero sum game where increasing one comes at the expense of the other.

We could easily harden our networks to make intrusion close to impossible. But then our organizational customers, who contract amnesia (in spite of choosing passwords weaker than an infant’s grip) every time they login, will howl when confronted with the additional safeguards.

One Kosmos’s BlockID for Workforce can help you balance this seemingly unsolvable equation. On the security side, BlockID for Workforce provides you with a full menu of “what you know, what you are and what you have” factors to enable you to efficiently design a multi-factor authentication protocol to deliver military-grade network defenses.

But what your organizational customers will appreciate is that these unprecedented security measures not only do NOT make their jobs harder, they actually make them easier by reducing the difficulty in accessing network resources.

BlockID for Workforce leverages their smart device to become a blockchain-based cryptographic key to the enterprise’s network resources. With BlockID for Workforce, you banish the bane of passwords and replace them with a smart device-based application that enables a full suite of biometric authenticators (fingerprint, face, voice, etc.) as well as identity document (driver’s license, passport, etc.) verification.

And because BlockID for Workforce is powered by blockchain technology, your organizational customers have complete assurance that their identity credentials are cryptographically secure. In fact, when you roll out BlockID for Workforce through your enterprise, you might lead the adoption campaign with the message that the upgrade was motivated out of a desire to protect employee and contractor privacy.

Who knows … you might just receive a “Thanks!”

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