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One Kosmos Recognized in OWI 2019 Identity Landscape

January 2020 by 1Kosmos Editor
OWI 2019 Landscape Badge

One Kosmos was recently recognized as a pioneer in the “Identify Proofing” segment of One World Identity’s 2019 Identity Landscape. One World Identity (OWI) is a market intelligence and strategic consulting firm originally incubated by Google and then spun off as an independent in 2016.

For their 2019 landscape, OWI surveyed more than 2,000 companies and then selected 400 leaders across 35 market segments based on several factors. According to OWI, the landscape format allows companies to touch multiple market segments, reflecting on the dynamic nature of digital identity applications.

“Since 2017, the number of identity companies has more than quadrupled, from 500 companies to more than 2,000,” said Travis Jarae, CEO and Founder of OWI. “With the wave of data breaches and privacy scandals, there is a rapid expansion of identity products and solutions. We’re proud to share the Identity Landscape each year to distill how new companies, products and solutions are shaping the future of identity.”

“One Kosmos is proud to be recognized for our efforts to help our customers safely and profitability navigate the digital domain,” said Rohan Pinto, One Kosmos Chief Technology Officer. “We live and do business is an exciting yet harrowing time and we are committed to developing the blockchain-based technologies that will ensure our digital security and privacy.”

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