BlockID Hello lets you login to your windows desktops, be it personal or corporate, using your BlockID biometrics like your face, voice or fingerprint.

BlockID For Windows Hello

you ARE the password

BlockID for Windows Hello logs you into your Windows devices using your biometrics like your face, voice or fingerprint. Login faster and more securely to your laptop, tablet, device, app, or even websites; you can even make in-app purchases. BlockID is designed to make the standard Windows logon procedure more convenient and offers greater security. It allows accessing a Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure manner out-of-band biometrics. The user’s login is performed automatically once the face has been recognized by BlockID Safe.

BlockID @ Home
BlockID @ Work

BlockID @ Home

BlockID @ Work

BlockID Hello addresses the following problems with passwords:
  • Strong passwords can be difficult to remember, and users often reuse passwords on multiple sites.
  • Server breaches can expose symmetric network credentials (passwords).
  • Passwords are subject to replay attacks.
  • Users can inadvertently expose their passwords due to phishing attacks.

BlockID Hello provides fully reliable, with integrated biometric authentication based on facial recognition, voice recognition or fingerprint matching. BlockID stores biometric data that is used to implement Biometric Hello authentication securely on the the blockchain which only the user can decrypt using his private key to use. The biometric data doesn’t roam and is never stored in any centralized repository or servers. Because BlockID Hello only stores biometric identification data on the blockchain, there’s no single collection point an attacker can compromise to steal biometric data.

BlockID Biometric Security

BlockID's cognitive AI based biometric facial recognition provides highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition. Our software is based on the same proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology that is continually learning from new data thus increasing the accuracy over time.
Our Cognitive AI based voice recognition has the most advanced algorithms for voice verification & identification. Voice has unique characteristics that is used to identify a person, just like a fingerprint. Using voice as a signal for access control and authentication we offer a level up in security.
BlockID's sophisticated fingerprint detection technology comprises of features like encryption, match-in-sensor architecture, anti-spoof technology, and more. Our capacitive touch & gesture sensors provide speed, accuracy and versatility in fingerprint authentication.

BlockID for Windows Hello makes it easy for organizations to leverage biometric credentials of employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. These credentials seamlessly sync with the existing active directory infrastructure to streamline enterprise access and authentication as well as improve user productivity.

BlockID for Windows Hello is built to plug directly into your existing enterprise. Boost employee productivity with frictionless access to windows desktops. BlockID allows organizations to empower employees with secure access to any workstation, website, VPN, or terminal.