BlockID by 1Kosmos revolutionizes identity management, enabling people and companies to escape from the legacy systems of paper-based documents and move into a true digital identity with unprecedented privacy, security, transparency and individual rights by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Why BlockID?

In today's $4 trillion digital economy where money can be sent across the world in milliseconds and everything from buying food to submitting a job application has moved online, simply proving who you are to those who genuinely need to know has remained stubbornly rooted in the legacy age of paper.

Try opening a bank account, applying for a government service or even buying a SIM card for a mobile device, and you'll need to provide a physical ID such as a driver's license that's then scanned or photocopied to satisfy regulatory requirements. The online world is even more chaotic. The average person has over 50 digital identities, each stored by a different company or government organization in siloed identity management (IDM) systems. Security protections range from strong to barely existent.

Maintaining valid information across these multiple stores can be challenging for individuals and companies alike. Worse still, users have little or no control over their own digital identity information.

BlockID by 1Kosmos is the answer to these challenges. It's a revolutionary new technology that enables users to store their identity data in a secure digital identity safe on their own mobile devices, and provide it easily to those who need to access and validate it.

For Consumers

Just capture an image of your face, driver's license and passport into the 1Kosmos BlockID app's secure digital identity safe. Then record a voiceprint and fingerprint. In less than 3 minutes, your IDs are protected and verified to ensure that they're valid, not reported lost or stolen, and truly belong to you.

Your identity data is also encrypted and stored securely on the blockchain using your private key — only you can decrypt it (even we can't). This provides backup of your identity data in case your phone is lost or breaks, as well as immutable proof that it hasn't been forged or tampered with.

Forget about usernames and passwords. Now your face, voice or fingerprint — and the identity data in your BlockID's trusted identity safe — give you secure and instant access to your online services. BlockID secures and simplifies so many things you do every day — with nothing more than your own mobile device.

With BlockID, you'll be able to:

  • Make purchases or payments online without entering your credit card information, or in-person without needing your actual card.
  • Sign up for services without filling out long and detailed forms.
  • Quickly identify yourself to customer service representives.
  • Create bank accounts online.
  • Renew government issued IDs without having to go in person.
  • Travel on airplanes without your physical driver's license or passport.

Unlike a username and password, which can be hacked, your BlockID requires your phone and your biometric identifiers to work, so your online accounts and identity information are protected like never before.

You retain complete control over your own identity data — what the industry calls self-sovereign identity. You can choose what information to reveal to whom in order to complete a transaction.

The BlockID app isn't just free, you actually get paid to use it! Every time you use your BlockID to sign up or login to a service, you get BlockID Tokens — a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum — designed for identity transactions.

Why? Because the services you use are willing to pay you for the simplicity and added security they get when you use your BlockID instead of just your username and password, which are vulnerable to hacking and fraud.

For Business

Key to any trusted business relationship or transaction is having a high level of assurance that the person you're interacting with really is who they claim to be. This is especially challenging in the digital world where you may never meet your customer in person.

BlockID solves this challenge by providing Identity Level of Assurance 3 (LOA 3) as defined by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — that's sufficient for financial institutions to achieve Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, and actually a better level of assurance than if your customer showed up in person with just a driver's license.

It's also 100% compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework and Cyber-Authentication Technology Solutions Interface Architecture and Specification Version 2.0 (CATS2 IA&S).

Adding protections such as multi-factor authentication and biometrics requires systems that are costly and difficult to build, defend and support.

With BlockID, you get these protections automatically — no software to write, buy or maintain. Just drop in our free SDK and you're up and running in just a few hours. Moreover, BlockID uses its own machine learning-based cognitive AI for biometric protections — it doesn't rely on the services of any underlying OS like the iPhone's fingerprint or face recognition software.

Your customers will never again forget their usernames or passwords or worry about their accounts being compromised by stolen credentials because BlockID uses their face, voice or fingerprint to access your online services in seconds.

BlockID is easy to use and completely free for your customers, and it gives them the peace of mind that their online accounts and information will be protected like never before. And a happy customer who trusts you is likely to do more business with you.

BlockID's secure digital identity safe can also store many other kinds of digital and physical identity documents, including credit cards, insurance cards, and educational and professional credentials. It has the potential to revolutionize the way companies approach traditional financial products and services. Think of the possibilities!

Identity data is encrypted and replicated across multiple online servers on the blockchain, so there's no centralized database and no single point of failure. The blockchain acts as an index of identifiers and an audit trail for the exchange of verifiable claims. The security and anonymity inherent to the blockchain protect the data in ways that no legacy IDM system can match. It's also blockchain agnostic — it will run on any blockchain technology with the ability to interoperate using atomic swaps.

Imagine the possibilities!


  • Password-less login for employees
  • Rapid identity verification for background checks and employment screening


  • Third-party and partner user authentication
  • Instant verification of credit worthiness
  • Portable verified credentials (e.g. training, certifcations, qualifications) for more efficient movement of staff between facilities
  • Verification of agency (someone acting on behalf of an institution such as an attorney or auditor)


  • Password-less user authentication
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and paperless customer on-boarding
  • Online transaction authorization
  • Secure sharing of patient results online
  • Online signing of contracts, permission forms
  • Validation of bank account ownership
  • Instant validation of qualification (age, residency, location, etc,) for a regulated product or service
  • Proof of vaccinations, training, background for travelers

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